BMA Goonyella – Dewatering Screens Project

Coming off the back of successfully completing the installation of the new Horizontal Belt Filter BF703, we were again engaged by BMA to assist with an upgrade of an existing dewatering screen to larger dual screens. The installation of these dual screens would assist operations with rectifying a bottleneck identified in Coal Preparation Plant 1 (CPP1), resulting in increased production rates.

These works require us to work alongside the existing CPP1 to install the new platform that will house the new dewatering screens and associated componentry. Our scope includes the supply and installation of the entire work package, including all structural steelwork, platework (chutes, underpans, feed boxes), a new gantry section and supporting trestle, pipework, handrail, grating, valves and the new conveyor componentry. We will be working alongside a number of our key subcontractors for these works who will be assisting with the civil works, electrical works, modifications to the existing conveyor belt, re-installation of an existing belt weigher and on-site installation of wear lined pipework.

Our team have become accustomed to carrying out complex on-site installations, with this project presenting its own challenges. To successfully complete this upgrade, we will be required to carry out a significant portion of the works during three plant shutdowns.

BMA Goonyella – Horizontal Belt Filter

Continuing our ongoing relationship, we were engaged by BMA to carry out the installation of Horizontal Belt Filter BF703 at its Goonyella mine in Central Queensland. It was our first time working back at the Goonyella mine in recent years and it was a great opportunity for our team to demonstrate our capabilities working alongside a new client team.

Our works for this project included the full turnkey package. We worked alongside BMA to assist with the procurement of key items such as pumps, drives, handrail, grating, valves, pipework and other miscellaneous componentry. We also looked after the fabrication of plate and structural steelwork packages, which were integral to the installation of the new Horizontal Belt Filter being supplied by BMA. This project once again gave us the opportunity to work alongside our trusted subcontractors for the civil, electrical and instrumentation works. Once commissioned, the upgrade would see an increase in the recovery of dry product through the mine.

The project was completed safely and on time, demonstrating our capabilities in this field and establishing our presence as a key contractor for further works at Goonyella moving forward.

Sedgman – Sonoma High Cut / Low Cut

Located 6km south of Collinsville in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, QCoal Group’s Sonoma Mine produces up to 4Mtpa of hard coking and thermal coal products. 

Our client, Sedgman, has operated the Sonoma plant since it was constructed in 2007, and were seeking support for the detailed design, engineering, procurement, and construction of the High Cut Low Cut Brownfield Upgrade of the coal handling and preparation plant. We worked with Sedgman to provide SMP civil works and a range of fabrication and protective coating services. Steel fabrication included steelwork, grating, floor plate, handrails, girts, cladding and a range of process platework. We also managed civil works carried out by one of Walz Group’s trusted subcontractors.

Mechanical works included installation of cyclones, coarse coal centrifuges, product screens, conveyor idler replacements, jib crane, and various pumps and drives.

Additional works comprised miscellaneous concreting, demolition of existing structures, and the construction of various ground slabs, suspended slabs and equipment plinths.

Sedgman – Bengalla Mine SMP and Civil Works Upgrade

We were pleased to be engaged by Sedgman to support their upgrade works for Bengalla Mining Company. The goal of the expansion was to increase mining operations from 7.8Mtpa to 10.7Mtpa, by introducing a second stage wash cycle and an additional belt press filter extension.

Our scope included the structural, mechanical, piping and civil works associated with the upgrade to the coal handling and preparation plant, and new raw coal conveyor system. We also managed the contractor for the civil works within our scope. Our work included:

  • Installation of conveyors (1,000t of structural steel)
  • Installation of mechanical equipment (chutes, cyclones, screen, sumps, pumps, conveyor mechanical)
  • Fabrication and installation of associated pipework
  • Detailed excavation and civil works required for the CHPP extension

QER – Demonstration Oil Extraction Facility

As part of exploring the potential for commercial development of their shale oil deposits, QER sought to build a small scale Technology Demonstration Plant (TDP) at its Stuart site, north of Gladstone. The design was based on another pilot plant located at Rifle, Colorado in the United States, which uses Paraho II above ground retorting technology.

The overall intent was to replicate and modify aspects of the Rifle, Colorado plant design. Once of the main differences was to include additional process units to form a complete end-to-end plant. This was primarily to ensure that the TDP would meet Australian standards in design and safety.

Our scope comprised onsite construction of all structural, mechanical, piping and electrical work, including:

  • Structural Steel – supply and installation (structural steel, conveyors)
  • Mechanical Equipment – installation (pumps, chutes, bins, vessels, conveyor mechanical)
  • Piping – fabrication and installation
  • Electrical – supply and installation

Larpro – Mt Carlton Gold Processing Plant

The Mount Carlton Gold Mine is located 150km south of Townsville and 54km southwest of Bowen. It is one of the highest-grade open pit gold mines in the world. Larpro was engaged by the mine owner, Conquest Mining, to undertake the construction and pre-commissioning of an 800,000tpa greenfield silver/gold mine and associated infrastructure. Walz was subsequently appointed by Larpro to support them on the project.

Our scope was to provide specialist structural, mechanical and piping installation, as well as piping fabrication and blasting and painting services. We also participated in pre-commissioning activities to ensure the plant achieved the required throughput before it was fully commissioned. These were critical elements for success as Conquest Mining was on a tight deadline to deliver first gold. Our work was instrumental in the achievement of all timelines and plant performance KPIs.

At project completion, we had installed 550t of structural steel, 670t of mechanical equipment, 6.3km of pipework — which we also fabricated — and a vast array of platework, including bins, chutes, hoppers and tanks.

WICET – MP2 Marine Works

With stage 1 of the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) completed, commissioned and fully operational in 2015, the construction barge wharf at the site was rendered redundant. After considering removal of the wharf, WICET decided it would be more beneficial to decommission and preserve the facility. This would keep the option of using it again for any further expansion works in the future. Walz Group was engaged by WICET to decommission and preserve the construction barge wharf at the facility. The project scope also included removing hazards to the general public that may access the area.

This project showcases our marine infrastructure capability. It highlights the benefit of owning our own specialist marine equipment and expert operators. The scope included:

  • Decommissioning and preservation of the construction barge wharf
    • Removal, preservation and storage of pontoons, gangways and landings
    • Removal of attachments on piles / sheet piles then cleaning and restoration of surface protection
    • Design, supply and installation of a sacrificial anode system for the piles / sheet piling
    • Maintenance of existing navigational lights and installing one new light on the mooring dolphin
    • Installation of a security fence and safety signage
  • Ancillary make-safe works
    • Modification to the berthing dolphin emergency ladders x 10
    • Surface protection repairs to emergency ladder piles
    • Surface protection repairs to piles W11-C and W15-C
  • Marine equipment and personnel
    • Self-elevating platform
    • 250t crawler crane
    • Flat top barge
    • Tug boat
    • Work boat
    • Crew boat

BMA Hay Point – Footbridge 3 Replacement

This work involved the urgent replacement of a heavily corroded footbridge at the Hay Point Coal Terminal. The new bridge had been fabricated, but was yet to be installed, and the existing structure was quickly deteriorating after the impact of Cyclone Ului. With high structural corrosion throughout the chords and stringers, the old bridge was not capable of withstanding a significant wind or wave event.

BMA sought to greatly reduce the risk of failure of the existing bridge by installing the new, prefabricated replacement which was capable of withstanding greater wind and wave events. The new bridge also reduced the chance of downtime to the adjacent berth, as mooring operations would be rendered disabled if the bridge were to fail.

Our primary scope was to install a pre-fabricated replacement bridge in accordance with the approved design drawings. This included removing the existing footbridge, relocating it to Mackay Harbour, and fabricating and fitting the missing connection pieces required for the installation of the bridge.

The works required the mobilisation of a range of our equipment and crew from our marine fleet to enable the installation. This included:

  • Jack up barge with crane to remove and replace the footbridge
  • Landing barge with capacity to accommodate the new and existing footbridge
  • Tug boat to manoeuvre equipment

Dedert – Wet Distillers Grain Dryer Installation

The Dalby Ethanol Plant is Australia’s first grain-to-ethanol facility. Each year the plant converts nearly 200,000 tonnes of sorghum into 76 million litres of ethanol. The product remaining after ethanol distillation — known as sillage — is separated and concentrated using centrifuge and evaporation technology to form a high energy, high protein animal feed known as wet distiller’s grain. The soluble dry matter, known as syrup, is blended with the Wet Distiller’s Grain (WDG) and sold to the local animal feed market as Wet Distiller’s Grain with Solubles (WDGS).

As part of a plant upgrade, the Dedert Corporation engaged Walz Group to construct and install a drying facility for the wet WDGS. The closed loop drying system with integrated thermal oxidizer was installed adjacent to the existing wet grain system.

Our scope incorporated all civil works, including concreting, plus the structural, mechanical and electrical installation, as well as commissioning of the drying plant. We managed specialist civil and electrical contractors who worked alongside the Walz project team to ensure a seamless delivery. The structural work included offsite fabrication in our facility in Gladstone.

After the installation of the dryer, the plant has the capacity to produce around 180,000 tonnes of WDGS a year.

Connell Hatch – Dalrymple Bay Outloading Conveyor System

We performed the onshore works for the outloading conveyor system in the second phase of the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal 7X project. This expansion saw the terminal increase its capacity by around 50% to 85+Mtpa, making it the third largest terminal in the world. As the terminal operates 24×7 all work was completed in a live operating environment. It was essential to minimise disruption of operations and ensure the site remained safe and accessible for staff to continue operations in a business-as-usual manner.

Walz Group supplied all equipment and materials for the onshore construction of the new outloading system. These works delivered a third reclaiming stream and associated conveyor systems for the transfer of coal from the stockyard to a new surge bin and sample plant facility. Our scope included all mechanical, structural, civil and electrical work, as well as commissioning of new systems. The works included:

  • Modifications to existing conveyors including addition of new chutework
  • Installation of 3 x new conveyors
  • Installation of a new surge bin
  • Installation of a new sample plant
  • Installation of new belt feeders