BMA Hay Point – Footbridge 3 Replacement


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BMA Hay Point – Footbridge 3 Replacement

Hay Point, Queensland, Australia

This work involved the urgent replacement of a heavily corroded footbridge at the Hay Point Coal Terminal. The new bridge had been fabricated, but was yet to be installed, and the existing structure was quickly deteriorating after the impact of Cyclone Ului. With high structural corrosion throughout the chords and stringers, the old bridge was not capable of withstanding a significant wind or wave event.

BMA sought to greatly reduce the risk of failure of the existing bridge by installing the new, prefabricated replacement which was capable of withstanding greater wind and wave events. The new bridge also reduced the chance of downtime to the adjacent berth, as mooring operations would be rendered disabled if the bridge were to fail.

Our primary scope was to install a pre-fabricated replacement bridge in accordance with the approved design drawings. This included removing the existing footbridge, relocating it to Mackay Harbour, and fabricating and fitting the missing connection pieces required for the installation of the bridge.

The works required the mobilisation of a range of our equipment and crew from our marine fleet to enable the installation. This included:

  • Jack up barge with crane to remove and replace the footbridge
  • Landing barge with capacity to accommodate the new and existing footbridge
  • Tug boat to manoeuvre equipment