WICET – MP2 Marine Works


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WICET – MP2 Marine Works

Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

With stage 1 of the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) completed, commissioned and fully operational in 2015, the construction barge wharf at the site was rendered redundant. After considering removal of the wharf, WICET decided it would be more beneficial to decommission and preserve the facility. This would keep the option of using it again for any further expansion works in the future. Walz Group was engaged by WICET to decommission and preserve the construction barge wharf at the facility. The project scope also included removing hazards to the general public that may access the area.

This project showcases our marine infrastructure capability. It highlights the benefit of owning our own specialist marine equipment and expert operators. The scope included:

  • Decommissioning and preservation of the construction barge wharf
    • Removal, preservation and storage of pontoons, gangways and landings
    • Removal of attachments on piles / sheet piles then cleaning and restoration of surface protection
    • Design, supply and installation of a sacrificial anode system for the piles / sheet piling
    • Maintenance of existing navigational lights and installing one new light on the mooring dolphin
    • Installation of a security fence and safety signage
  • Ancillary make-safe works
    • Modification to the berthing dolphin emergency ladders x 10
    • Surface protection repairs to emergency ladder piles
    • Surface protection repairs to piles W11-C and W15-C
  • Marine equipment and personnel
    • Self-elevating platform
    • 250t crawler crane
    • Flat top barge
    • Tug boat
    • Work boat
    • Crew boat