We deliver specialist construction and maintenance
solutions for the resources, energy and infrastructure

Marine Infrastructure

Walz Group provides expert, cost-effective marine construction and maintenance services to major port operators Australia-wide. Our extensive experience working over water, together with our deep understanding of structural and mechanical engineering, defines our capability in this space. Walz Group offers highly skilled personnel, specialised plant and equipment, and over 40 years of industry knowledge to support the execution of even the most challenging marine projects.

The planning, design and operation of marine infrastructure projects is highly complex and burdened with unique risk factors. It takes a specific combination of expertise in the maritime sector, plus specialist construction and engineering skills to deliver results in an unpredictable marine environment.

Owning our own specialist marine equipment sets us apart from other contractors in the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. Our fleet includes a jack-up barge, tugs, flat top barge, and a working boat to support a broad range of maritime construction, maintenance and shutdown projects. For all our equipment, we provide our own highly experienced marine personnel.

Walz Group’s specialist marine infrastructure construction and maintenance services include:

  • Pile driving
  • Wharf construction
  • Jetty construction
  • Materials handling infrastructure
  • Out-loading systems
  • Shiploader maintenance
  • Fender replacements
  • Bed leveling services
  • Cyclone recovery works
  • Marine infrastructure demolition