Newcrest – Tank TK201 Repair


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Newcrest – Tank TK201 Repair

Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea

On the strength of previous work performed for Newcrest at their Lihir Gold Mine — particularly the works carried out on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) tank TK202 — Walz Group was engaged to conduct a 10 year statutory inspection on HFO tank TK201.The scope included undertaking all repairs found necessary as a result of the inspection.

Similar to the TK202 works carried out in 2017, Walz identified numerous repairs and upgrades that were required to ensure the tank maintained its compliance. These works included:

  • Removal and replacement of roof components (inner rafters, annular ring, braces, roof plates, manway and miscellaneous cleats and beams)
  • Replacement of top strakes
  • Repair of external stairway
  • Replacement of all handrail and kickplate around the top of the tank
  • Replacement of goose neck vent on the roof nozzle
  • Remove and replacement of existing fire water ring main risers and circumferential pipework
  • Full blast and repaint of the inside of the tank shell and roof prior to hydro test
  • Hydro testing of the tank