BMA Hay Point – Trestle Deconstruction


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BMA Hay Point – Trestle Deconstruction

Hay Point, Queensland, Australia

Based on our successful track record on multiple projects at Hay Point terminal, we were engaged by BMA to deconstruct and remove the original trestle and the 17BP conveyor installed when the facility opened in 1971. The ageing 1.8km structure transported coal from the terminal to waiting bulk carriers for more than 40 years and was decommissioned late in 2016.

Working from jack-up barges, our crews are dismantling the trestle and conveyor in sections, and transferring approximately 6,500 tonnes of steel to Half Tide Harbour by barge. Our work at Hay Point is ensuring that aging infrastructure is safely and carefully removed in order to best protect the local environment. In March 2019, Walz Group achieved two years recordable injury free on the project.

In conjunction with the main work of dismantling the trestle, Walz Group is undertaking additional separable portions of work under the same contract. Each separable portion of work is outlined below.

Disposal of Waste Material

Once on-shore, the trestle sections are separated into steel, concrete and timber components and prepared for transport to recycling facilities.

Dewatering and Processing of Pile Water

If the water located in the piles is not inert or has the potential to cause visual pollution, Walz is responsible for processing and filtering the water prior to release off-site.

TT8 Top Deck Removal

We are removing and disposing of the existing TT8 top deck, and installing the new structure and supporting componentry.

Berth 1 to MD2 Footbridge Installation

We have been contracted to install a new footbridge (Footbridge 2), with associated structural support and access walkways. The new structure will connect Berth 1 to MD2 after the deconstruction of 17BP conveyor and roadway.

Berth 2 Shutdown Works

The current shiploader infrastructure requires upgrading and refurbishment, as well as installation of new elements. We have completed:

  • Fender maintenance and chain replacements
  • Installation of a new davit crane
  • Upgrading the ship access gangway and supporting structures
  • Removal of redundant fenders
  • Other miscellaneous works as required

Berth 1 Shutdown Works

This refurbishment work is similar in nature to that outline for Berth 2 above and incorporates:

  • Fabrication and installation of a new tripper
  • Installation of new transfer chute and upgraded pulleys
  • Repair and surface protection to conveyor structure and rail girders
  • Supply and installation of new tripper rail
  • Installation of new walkways between berthing dolphins
  • Installation of new top Davit Crane
  • Fender chain replacements