Dedert – Wet Distillers Grain Dryer Installation

The Dalby Ethanol Plant is Australia’s first grain-to-ethanol facility. Each year the plant converts nearly 200,000 tonnes of sorghum into 76 million litres of ethanol. The product remaining after ethanol distillation — known as sillage — is separated and concentrated using centrifuge and evaporation technology to form a high energy, high protein animal feed known as wet distiller’s grain. The soluble dry matter, known as syrup, is blended with the Wet Distiller’s Grain (WDG) and sold to the local animal feed market as Wet Distiller’s Grain with Solubles (WDGS).

As part of a plant upgrade, the Dedert Corporation engaged Walz Group to construct and install a drying facility for the wet WDGS. The closed loop drying system with integrated thermal oxidizer was installed adjacent to the existing wet grain system.

Our scope incorporated all civil works, including concreting, plus the structural, mechanical and electrical installation, as well as commissioning of the drying plant. We managed specialist civil and electrical contractors who worked alongside the Walz project team to ensure a seamless delivery. The structural work included offsite fabrication in our facility in Gladstone.

After the installation of the dryer, the plant has the capacity to produce around 180,000 tonnes of WDGS a year.