We deliver specialist construction and maintenance
solutions for the resources, energy and infrastructure

Specialist Plant & Equipment

Offering an extensive portfolio of specialist plant and equipment, Walz Group formulates innovative solutions to service our clients’ needs. We own and operate our own fleet to provide competitive pricing and guaranteed safety. With a vast array of cranes, mobile work platforms, civil and earth-moving equipment, heavy vehicles, and other equipment, we can cater to most projects across our service offering. Owning our own equipment means we are not forced to compete in the market for equipment hire during busy periods. You can rely on the safety and performance of our plant, which has consistently demonstrated an excellent maintenance record, with industry leading reliability and availability.

Our fleet includes:

  • Cranes ranging from 7–400 tonne (including Crawler, Hydraulic, All-Terrain and Franna)
  • Range of Elevated Work Platforms (including various size knuckle booms and scissor lifts)
  • A large vehicle fleet ranging from utes and buses to trucks and prime movers
  • A range a various Civil Loaders
  • A range of Marine Plant and Equipment 
  • A range of other plant and equipment including forklifts, generators, compressors, welding machines, mobile modular facilities, and an array of mine specific tools and machinery

Specialist Plant & Equipment Gallery