QER – Demonstration Oil Extraction Facility

As part of exploring the potential for commercial development of their shale oil deposits, QER sought to build a small scale Technology Demonstration Plant (TDP) at its Stuart site, north of Gladstone. The design was based on another pilot plant located at Rifle, Colorado in the United States, which uses Paraho II above ground retorting technology.

The overall intent was to replicate and modify aspects of the Rifle, Colorado plant design. Once of the main differences was to include additional process units to form a complete end-to-end plant. This was primarily to ensure that the TDP would meet Australian standards in design and safety.

Our scope comprised onsite construction of all structural, mechanical, piping and electrical work, including:

  • Structural Steel – supply and installation (structural steel, conveyors)
  • Mechanical Equipment – installation (pumps, chutes, bins, vessels, conveyor mechanical)
  • Piping – fabrication and installation
  • Electrical – supply and installation