CQ business appointed for $31M decommissioning project at BMA Hay Point Coal Terminal

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) has appointed Central Queensland business, Walz Group, for a $31M project to remove decommissioned marine infrastructure from the Hay Point Coal Terminal, south of Mackay.

Walz Group will deconstruct and remove the original trestle and conveyor that transported coal from the terminal to waiting bulk carriers for more than 40 years from when the facility opened in 1971.

BMA Asset President, Rag Udd was joined by Federal Member for Capricornia the Honourable Michelle Landry at Hay Point today to announce details of the project.

“The appointment of Walz Group highlights the fantastic capability of Central Queensland businesses to provide critical services to the resources industry,’’ Mr Udd said.

“Walz brings unique specialised equipment and highly capable people who know Hay Point Coal Terminal after playing an important role in delivering the HPX3 expansion that has increased annual capacity from 44 to 55 million tonnes,’’ Mr Udd said.

Starting in December, crews will work from jack-up barges to dismantle into sections the 1.8km trestle, and conveyor with approximately 6,500 tonnes of steel to be transferred by barge to Half Tide Harbour.

Once on-shore, the trestle sections will be separated into steel, concrete and timber components and prepared for transport to recycling facilities.

The project is scheduled to take 18-months, with work to pause for the Christmas/New Year and Easter holiday periods.

“A lot’s changed in this type of construction since 1970 when it was built,’’ Mr Udd said.

“This project will ensure aging infrastructure is safely and carefully removed in order to best protect the local environment.

“While this historic trestle has served the port well for the more than 40 years, this important project will ensure the Hay Point Coal Terminal is set up to continue exporting metallurgical coal for steel production around the world for the next 40 years and beyond.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry said, “In addition to providing direct employment for 20 people, this project will require support from local suppliers and contractors. It’s good news for jobs in the region more broadly.’’

Walz Group CEO Mark Gregory said, “Hay Point Coal Terminal is well known to Walz Group through the HPX3 expansion and we are well equipped to successfully manage this final stage of the project”.

In announcing the project to remove the original trestle at Hay Point, Mr Udd and Ms Landry also celebrated the re-opening of Lindsay Point lookout, which had been closed to the public since 2010 for the duration of HPX3 project construction.

“Following the completion of the HPX3 project, we have revegetated the area and improved shades and pathways, so we’re really pleased to be able to give the community access back to this popular landmark,’’ Mr Udd said.

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