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Walz Group prides itself on delivering high quality projects completed with zero harm and ahead of schedule. Over the past eight years Walz has maintained a proud safety record of zero lost time injuries in more than 6 million man-hours through safe work practices.

A strong focus on industry best practice sees the Walz Group operate an integrated safety, health, environment and quality regime known as Walz SHEQ.

Our SHEQ certifications include:

Walz Group also meets the minimum requirements of ISO-14001 Environment.

As a certified supplier member of Achilles FPS Oil and Gas Asia, Walz Group is able to provide access to a number of accredited products and services. Please contact us for an overview of what can we provide as a result of this membership.

Safety represents a core component of our company’s culture, embracing every individual’s right to go home safely and without injury at the end of each shift.

Walz SHEQ benefits our staff and clients by ensuring correct training, briefings and processes are understood and correctly executed on all jobs, minimising any potential environmental or health and safety risks.

Walz SHEQ personnel are highly experienced and operate with a broad range of qualifications including WHSO, rehabilitation, risk management and quality, safety and environment and process audits.

The importance of the health, safety, environment and quality disciplines is firmly ingrained across the organisation, with all Walz Group employees upholding the highest safety standards on both project and non-project based activities.

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